Board Members

Founding Board Members

<strong>Steven M. Eisenhauer</strong>

Steven M. Eisenhauer

Mission, Texas


My life’s journey is one of spiritual awakening, continuous growth, and diverse professional experiences. Embracing Jesus in my teens set me on a path of continuous rediscovery, leading me from an early departure from traditional education I obtained my GED at North Iowa Community College in 1973, 1 year before I would have graduated. My career began in agriculture, where I developed a deep passion for the industry, managing retail facilities and wholesale territories for over 25 years. With changes in the industry, I transitioned into car sales, chauffeuring, and assistant manager of a limousine company, eventually becoming a bookkeeper for an agricultural equipment dealership, embracing each role as an opportunity for personal and professional development.
Throughout my nearly five decades of working, my faith was always present but not always my guiding light,. It did inspire me to align my endeavors with God’s will, as reflected in my commitment to the teaching in Matthew 6:32–34 32 For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. 33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. This spiritual foundation has not only shaped my professional path but also enriched my personal life. I have been married three times. I am a father to two daughters and a grandfather to four grandchildren, and I am a stepparent to my partner Suzanne’s daughter, son, and grandson, which form the cornerstone of my life.
In every aspect, my journey underscores the transformative power of faith, the importance of adaptability, and the value of fostering strong relationships. Motivated by a desire to serve and contribute to communal prosperity. I am dedicated to adding my abilities to those of the people around me, to being guided by divine will, and to creating a future marked by hope and prosperity.

<strong>Suzanne R. Eisenhauer</strong>

Suzanne R. Eisenhauer

Mission, Texas


Suzanne R. Eisenhauer is a seasoned professional who’s extensive 30-year tenure in the medical field reflects a profound dedication to patient care and a keen expertise in hospital operations. Beginning her illustrious career as a Health Unit Coordinator on an OB/GYN/NICU floor, Suzanne laid the foundation of her knowledge by working in close proximity with a dynamic team of nurses and doctors. Her commitment to excellence and attention to detail played a pivotal role in managing the complexities of patient care, thereby enhancing the functionality of a very busy Med/Surg/ICU floor. At OMC hospital in Rochester, Minnesota, for 18 years she continued her journey as Health Unit Coordinator and assisting in the Med/Surg unit.
Transitioning to the Mayo Clinic Spine Center in Rochester, Minnesota, for the latter part of her career, Suzanne embraced the challenge of navigating an entirely new specialization. In this role, she was instrumental in streamlining patient care processes, from scheduling appointments to organizing testing and procedures. Her ability to quickly adapt and thrive in a fast-paced environment underscores her unwavering commitment to patient welfare and her capacity for continuous professional growth.
Beyond her professional achievements, Suzanne is recognized for her positive and empathetic approach towards her colleagues and patients alike. An avid reader and aspiring writer, she integrates her passion for knowledge and communication into her daily work, bringing a unique depth to her interactions within the medical community. Suzanne’s holistic perspective on healthcare, emphasizing the importance of natural remedies and comprehensive wellness, further enriches her contributions to the field.
Suzanne R. Eisenhauer stands out as a compassionate, dedicated, and highly skilled medical professional whose career is a testament to her relentless pursuit of excellence in patient care and her significant contributions to the healthcare industry.

<strong>Lolita Hill</strong>

Lolita Hill

Humble, Texas

Vice President

Mental Health Coach, RSPS MHPS, PSS has a BA in Christian Counseling.  She is a Licensed Qualified Mental Health Specialist, Mental Health Coach, Licensed Recovery Support Specialist and Licensed Peer Specialist Supervisor, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, CRHM, CHW.  She is the Co-Founder of Triumphant Outreach Ministries.  Triumphant Outreach was originally established in 2003 and restructured in 2018 under the leadership of Euclin and Lolita Hill.  
Mrs. Hill has been working and serving her community as well as surrounding communities for over 19 years. Mrs. Hill has a passion for working in underserved communities.
Mrs. Hill believes that meeting people where they are in life with a holistic, person-centered approach is vital to helping people heal and grow. Her goal in life is to promote wellness, recovery, inclusion, and equity for all people.  
Mrs. Hill is a member of the International Board of Christian Care (IBCC), NAMI, National Associate of Peer Supporters and a member of East Houston Medical Association. Triumphant Outreach- TOR Mental Health & Recovery Services | East Houston Medical Association.   
Mrs. Hill is also a licensed instructor and a continuing education provider; Core Training, MHPS, RSPS, CHW, PSS, MHFA, as well as other training courses. All training provided by TOR Mental Health and Recovery Services.
Mrs. Hill believes that applying the word of God in all things that we can change lives.
(Matthew 6:33) But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness.
and all these things shall be added unto you.
Mrs. Hill has built a solid foundation by Encouraging, Equipping, Educating and Empowering others on an individual basis, regardless of race, gender, disabilities, or background.

<strong>Zoraida Martinez</strong>

Zoraida Martinez

McAllen, Texas


Zoraida Martinez is a MHPS, a Certified Personal Medicine Coach, and a Certified Social Security Analyst. She has a BBA from the University of Texas Pan American, and worked in administration as Chief Financial Officer of McCreery Aviation. As well as the owner of two companies in the Rio Grande Valley.

MTS Martinez Tax Service: Financial Analyst for over 16 years and Holiday Delights “Where every day is a holiday” for over 30 years. She has 40 years of lived experience; she shared her story with others on a Warmline with the Hope Family Clinic for 8 years. Helping others who call in, she listens to their situation and story and allows them to understand that “they are not alone, and they matter.” Zoraida also works with the Prosumers International chapter in the Rio Grande Valley. She is passionate about listening to others and providing support for peers.

When not working, Zoraida practices self-care by walking on the beach, nature trails, and has recently learned to swim. She has focused on her health recently, and she still plans to skydive next year. She understands that recovery is possible and that life is anything you can dream.

She believes in a Journal of Healing, and that recovery is possible with personal responsibility through education and outreach.

She is currently living the life she loves, getting the opportunity to travel, and her next adventure is Opening “The Blessing House,” a transition home for women and families in the RGV. To her, “THE SKY” is the only limit.

Joel Morales

Joel Morales

McAllen, Texas


Mr. Joel Morales has been the lead counselor and now the Program Operations Supervisor at Palmer Drug Abuse Program for over eight years. His education includes obtaining a GED through McAllen High School in 1976, technical training at Texas State Technical College in 1996, and receiving his License in Formation Therapy from Leadership Bible Institute in Abilene, TX. Relevant work experience for Joel Morales includes his work with Path to Victory as a drug and alcohol counselor from May 2009 to December 2012, followed by his work for Palmer Drug Abuse Program from January 2015 to present. Mr. Morales has been recognized by United Way for his outstanding commitment to their program. He has been recognized for his prison ministry as Red Ribbon Week School Presentations, where he spreads motivation to the youth of many schools in the Rio Grande Valley. At Palmer Drug Abuse Program, he leads a Family Support Group, Adult Support Group (12-Step Recovery), as well as heads up our individual counseling services. Joel is also responsible for traveling to local housing authorities to spread the word of recovery. Mr. Morales shares his love, experience, and understanding so that others may be inspired to seek recovery. Countless clients have spoken of the compassion Mr. Morales has for them and what they have experienced. He has worked with his clients to show there is a way and continues to be the beacon of light.

<strong>William A. Tucker, DO</strong>

William A. Tucker, DO

Brownsville, Texas


William A. Tucker, D.O. is board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon with Brownsville Bone and Joint in Brownsville, TX. Dr Tucker began his medical studies at Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine receiving his Doctorate of Osteopathy. He went on to complete his General Rotating Internship at Carson City and Residency in Orthopedic Surgery at DFW Medical Center. Dr Tucker completed fellowship at Texas Back Institute.

Dr Tucker is board certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Orthopedic Surgery (AOBOS). He is a member the American Osteopathic Academy of Orthopedics (AOAO), American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, American Osteopathic Association, and the Texas Medical Association.

Dr Tucker always includes his patients and family in the decision of treatment so that they can get back to their daily activities and living life. He enjoys to watch the healing process and to help people reach their potential for being active and functional. When he is not treating patients, he enjoys spending time with his family. Dr Tucker is fluent in Spanish.

Dr Tucker is accepting new patients and welcomes referrals. When appropriate the practice does offer telehealth visits.

<strong>Terry L. Westerman</strong>

Terry L. Westerman

McAllen, Texas


Among the many blessings poured out on the people of the Bolivar Peninsula at the community wide Thanksgiving Service was the opportunity for most of us to meet the newly-called pastor to First Baptist Church of Crystal beach.  Terry Westerman is from New Beginnings Baptist Church in McAllen, Texas, and he has accepted the call to First Baptist here on the peninsula.  Terry, like so many others, has to deal with the current economy and must sell his home there before relocating.  One thing we could all do to help welcome him and his family is to pray that the property sells quickly so he can get to the peninsula and get started.  We like his outlook, ideas, and energy.
Pastor Westerman operates a construction ministry in McAllen, as well as serving as pastor of a growing church.  He describes his ministry as one of loving people wherever they are in their life journey, and he and his wife, Nelda, are pleased to be called “beach people.”  They met and married in Southern California.  Terry has pastored some twenty years and looks forward to joining forces with all of the folks on the Bolivar Peninsula to reach people for Christ.  His life verse is Joshua 1:6-9.
(In coming weeks, we will be featuring a “church page” that needs a name.  It will feature pastors, staff members, plans, projects, guests, musical programs, youth activities, directions to the ministry, and tidbits of helpful information.  Please alert your pastor to stay tuned for further developments in this area.  We want every church on the peninsula from Brother Sallee in High Island to Brother Allen in Port Bolivar, and all points in between to get on board with this helpful addition to our publication.)