Donate to RGV Road to Recovery.

Every day, countless individuals in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) and across the nation face battles with addiction, homelessness, and various physical or social disorders that seem insurmountable. But what if there was a beacon of hope? A place dedicated not just to treatment, but to genuinely transforming lives? Receive God’s Vision | RGV Road to Recovery aims to be that beacon, and we need your help to light it up. Our need is $5,000,000 to purchase, renovate, and open the doors to the facility we have identified in Weslaco, Texas. 

The Need:
The demand for comprehensive, compassionate recovery services far exceeds their availability. Without access to effective treatment, individuals struggling with addictions and other disorders are less likely to recover, contributing to cycles of homelessness, unemployment, and illness. All communities deserve better, which is why Receive God’s Vision | RGV Road to Recovery will be available to all individuals nationwide.

The Solution:
We are on a mission to raise $5,000,000 to purchase, renovate, and launch a state-of-the-art transformation facility in Weslaco, TX that individuals from all across our great country will have access to. This center will provide life-changing transformation for addictions, homelessness, and other disorders, offering a holistic approach to recovery that addresses physical, emotional, and social needs that only God can provide.

Transformative Care: Our transformation will offer both inpatient and outpatient services, counseling, job training, and continuous support, ensuring a path to recovery that extends beyond our walls.
Community Revitalization: By helping individuals to transform and reintegrate into society, we’re not just changing lives; we’re uplifting our entire community.
Prevention and Education: Alongside transformation, we’ll provide Biblical education on addiction and disorders to prevent future crises and build a healthier, more informed RGV.

How Your Donation Helps:
$50: Is a beginning to change lives.
$500: Is a gift that will get us closer to our goal faster.
$5,000: Is a huge boost on our road to funding this vision.
Any Amount: Brings us one step closer to opening our doors and transforming lives.
Join us on this journey to recovery. Donate today to build the road to a brighter future for hundreds through RGV Road to Recovery. Your support will transform lives, restore families, and revitalize communities. Together, we can turn the tide against addiction and despair, lighting the way to hope and healing. You are also able to volunteer by completing the application and the background authorization on our website. Our current needs are for website development. 

RGV Road to Recovery is more than a treatment facility; it’s a movement towards a healthier, stronger community. With your help, we can make this vision a reality. Donate today, share our campaign with your networks, and be a part of the change you wish to see in the world. Receive God’s Vision | RGV Road to Recovery